What is the graft HeRO?

The HeRO Graft is a hemodialysis access graft for patients who are catheter-dependent or approaching catheter-dependency due to the blockage of veins leading to the heart.

Key Benefits

Compared to catheters, the HeRO Graft has:

  • 69% fewer infections
  • No uncomfortable tubes outside the body
  • Improved dialysis clearance of toxins and fluids
  • Less than half the interventions to keep access functioning

What Does HeRO Graft Look Like After it is Implanted?

The HeRO Graft is implanted completely under the skin and is accessed like a standard graft. 

Is HeRO Graft for you?

​The HeRO Graft may be right for you if you are:

  • ​Catheter-dependent
  • Failing your fistula or graft

How Does the HeRO Graft Work?

HeRO Graft bypasses the blockage in veins and is made of two pieces:

1) A reinforced tube that bypasses blockage in veins.

2) A dialysis graft that is sewn to an artery and accessed. 

Next Steps

Ask your dialysis provider if the HeRO Graft might be an option for you. Experienced surgeons who implant the HeRO Graft can be found at herograft.com or by calling CryoLife customer service at (888) 427-9654. 

Information For Patients

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