Silicone-Coated Nitinol Component 

  • No venous anastomosis
  • Reinforced 48 braid ninitol: kink & crush resistant
  • Removable and replaceable 
  • Radiopaque band (at distal tip)

ePTFE Graft

  • Beading (3-4 cm) for kink resistance
  • Orientation line on graft to guide placement during tunneling 
  • Titanium Connector

Key Benefits 

  • Fewer Infections: 69% reduced infection rate compared with catheters
  • Superior Dialysis Adequacy: 1.7 kt/V, a 16% to 32% improvement compared with catheters
  • High Patency Rates: Up  to 87% cumulative patency at 2 years 
  • Cost Savings: A 23% average savings per year compared with catheters
  • Catheter-dependent or approaching catheter-dependency
  • Failing fistulas or grafts due to central venous stenosis

HeRO Graft Candidates

HeRO Graft

Reducing Catheter Dependency

Key Features Device     Yes      No     

Infection rates

comparable to AVG

HeRO Graft




Dialysis adequacy (Kt/V)

comparable to AVG

HeRO Graft




Patency rates

comparable to AVG

HeRO Graft




HeRO Graft vs Catheter

HeRO (Hemodialysis Reliable Outflow) Graft is the ONLY fully subcutaneous AV access solution clinically proven to maintain long-term access for hemodialysis patients with central venous stenosis. 

Cost Benefits

  • 23% average savings per year with the HeRO Graft compared with catheters
  • Cost savings of over $3,100 (per patient/year) to the dialysis center when converting catheter-dependent patients to the HeRO Graft
  • Reduces catheter-related infections and hospital admissions projected at $23k to $56k per stay
  • Lowers interventions and associated costs by more than 50% compared to catheters

Implant Site Examples

Clinical Outcomes

Arterial Graft Component:

At the deltopectoral groove, the Titanium Connector on the Arterial Graft Component is joined with the Venous Outflow Component. A standard arterial anastomosis is performed to attached the Arterial Graft Component to the target inflow artery.

Blessios Medical, PLLC 

Procedure Overview

Venous Outflow Component: 

Utilizing percutaneous endovascular techniques, the Venous Outflow Component is placed in the central vein with the radiopaque distal tip in the mid to upper right atrium. 


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HeRO Graft  Patency


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Catheter LiteratureAV Graft Literature

Bacteremia Rates

(Infections/1,000 days)




Adequacy of Dialysis                

(mean Kt/v)


Cumulative Patency

(at 1 year)


Intervention Rate

(per year)